World University Service of Canada: University of Saskatchewan Local Committee

Shine a Light

Girls reading by flachlight.
Flashlight Mob (Sept. 2009)

Among the students sponsored by WUSC, men greatly outnumber women because few girls finish high school. This is a situation we aim to change. Expected to help with domestic chores and the care of siblings, the girls in the camps often miss school or discontinue their studies altogether. Many girls can only find time to study after dark in camps that lack electricity. The first phase of our campaign focused on raising money for safe, cost-effective solar lamps to enable girls to study at night. We′ve reached our goal of providing 1000 girls with access to solar-powered lamps. The next $50000 raised will help the girls obtain remedial training to make up the schooling they missed out on and provide them with needed school supplies. The final $40000 raised will provide scholarships for promising young refugee girls in Kenya and Malawi.