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Bike For AIDS

Bike for AIDS
Bike for AIDS (09/10 Campaign)

Sometimes a little money can go a long way... especially on wheels. $200 will buy a bike and $380 will provide a bicycle ambulance. Bicycles, especially if outfitted with a stretcher, can make a difference for those living with HIV and AIDS in Malawi.

If a person living with HIV and AIDS needs medical attention and is unable to walk, getting to the clinic can be very difficult. The bicycle ambulance addresses this problem. A lightweight trailer and a removable stretcher are attached to a bicycle, enabling bed-ridden or injured people to be safely transported. The relatively simple design enables the trailers and stretchers to be made locally with available materials.

What We Do On Campus

On December 1st, WUSC will be holding a bakesale in the Arts Tunnel. In the beginning of January we will also be hosting an event for the second term.

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