World University Service of Canada: University of Saskatchewan Local Committee

About World University Service of Canada

The logo of World University Service of Canada.
The logo of World University Service of Canada.

WUSC is a network of individuals and post secondary institutions who believe that all peoples are entitled to the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a more equitable world. Our mission is to foster human development and global understanding through education and training.

For us, education is the one universal path leading to a better and more equitable world, the path that both reveals our responsibility to contribute to the common good and makes it possible for us to do so. Our award-winning projects are developed to address local needs and reduce poverty, and are delivered with local partners to ensure sustainability. We also support development education activities and international programs at Canadian colleges and universities.

WUSC is the only organization in Canada that links Canadian post-secondary students, faculty and institutional leaders with this mission.

  • For students we provide opportunities to learn organize and make a difference in the fight against poverty and inequality.
  • For faculty we provide opportunities to conduct research and help implement development projects, network with like-minded faculty in Canada and around the world, and complete their research on our projects.
  • For university and college leaders we contribute to the internationalization of campuses by placing refugee and fee-paying international students who bring a global perspective to the classroom.